Rubber Exhibition 2014

Countdown started for RUBBER EXHIBITION 2014 in Istanbul…

8. Istanbul Rubber Industry Exhibition brings the Rubber Industry together between the dates 27-30 October in TUYAP exhibition and Cognress Center. .

Nowadays, economic balance changes fast and global competition and seeking new Marketplace become important. Rubber 2014 exhibition both gathers the industry together and mediate to exhibit the latest products, technology and innovation, to meet eligible visitors coming from different countries and to provide commercial marketing area, to create new business opportunity both up country and abroad.

The marketing of exhibition is conducted via overseas contact agencies of TUYAP in targetted countries, particularly in the Balkans, Caucasus, Europe, Middle East, North Africa, West & Central Asia. On the other hand up country, via central office and other 11 region agencies throughout country. The exhibition contributes much to the sector.

MELOS KAUÇUK Inc. took his place in the exhibition to meet the customers and catch the latest innovations in the industry.

The fair