Activated Zinc Oxide

Why activated zinc oxide?

Benefits of using Zinc Oxide;

Heavy metal rate : heavy metal proportion in Zinc Oxide is ten times less than Zinc Oxide.

Dosage Saving:average surface of 1 gr activated zinc oxide is 40m2, however Zinc oxide surface is 7-8m2. Upon our customer orders, we make exclusive production.

Fineness:compared with typical zinc oxide, its grain size is 100 times smaller. (in microscope) Thanks to this characteristic it easily and homogenously gets mixed and dispersed completely. It provides brighter and smoother surface end-product.

Transparency:Since its grain size is smaller than light wave size, in colouration it doesn’ t spoil the colours but it gives depth and luminosity. Especially A-300 gives good results.

Lightness:As its bulk density %30 lower than zinc oxide, it enables to produce lighter products at the same density. Regarding the rubber products are sold by volume and number, it is possible to produce more goods by using same weight dough.

It retards fatigue and flex ageing:according to the compared test results, fatigue cracking resistance of activated zinc oxide plates give %30 better results.

Process safety and retarding force:As it can be seen from rheometer curves, it makes tardier climb in comparison with common zinc oxide. But it arrives exact vulcanization level rapidly, after it climbes. It retards scorching. It enables process security, decreases scorching wastage.