We are a family…

We are, like arms of camomile, faithful to each other sincerely. We consider our customers as member of our family. It is very important for us that our customers comprehend our sincerity.

It means that we provide the ordered product with the very best condition and with the very best quality. The faults made by us accidentally are to be reorganized immediately. By the time, we believe that our partners will be as confident as they are in their own company.


MELOS Inc. has been established to meet the raw material needs for the automative industry, white goods, shoes, construction industry in our country being entrageted to the global world. MELOS Inc., born with the desire and determination of evolvement to various sectors of a group who are industrialists for 50 years in Turkey, has the justified pride of producing the raw materials being used in the field of rubber- and plastic-based products which have been imported so far in our country that is wealty in natural sources.

We aimed to offer service to precious producers by fabricating some raw materails and some other materails only by purchasing and selling. Our supreme goal is to share the fortunateness of presenting the finest quality products to our country and our foreign business partners.


Our initial aim set by the establishment is to play an active role in international arena with the power of our bussiness partners, active in various sectors in Turkey. We are decisive on making production with the “customer-focused” sense of our group that has not been changed so far. We determined our vision to keep our production quality in world standarts and “see the future today” thanks to evergreen credit technologies to meet our business partners’ needs. We catch tomorrow by supporting our products, by providing technical support for each phase in fabrication and by growing sholder to shoulder with the sense of “your company is our company”.